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INSIDE is de nieuwe masteropleiding voor interieur en publieke ruimte ontwerp van de Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag. In samenwerking met het Goethe Institut organiseert INSIDE op 6 juni 2012 het symposium INSIDE TRAVEL over context, betekenis en ontwerp. Gedurende de dag exploreren studenten onder leiding van het Berlijnse Architectuurbureau RAUMLABOR en de Keulse ontdekkingsreiskunstenaar Boris Sieverts Den Haag om daar ’s avonds tijdens een openbaar diner-symposium verslag van te doen. Tijdens het diner presenteren RAUMLABOR en Sieverts hun werk en zal hoofd van INSIDE Hans Venhuizen het eerste INSIDE tijdschrift presenteren.

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In English:

TRAVEL In collaboration with the Goethe Institut

Date: 6 June 2012 – 17:00 Dinner + Symposium

Location: the Royal Art Academy
Language: English
Costs: 15 eur (students 10 euro/15 euro incl. evening programme)
Places are limited. Please make your reservation in time

Last September the Royal Art Academy launched it’s new master programme INSIDE. A two-year, internationally orientated program for interior architecture. Through the year INSIDE opens up to the outside world by staging two symposiums each year, by posting articles and updates on the website and student blog, and by publishing a twice-yearly magazine. By focussing on the experience of TRAVEL the second symposium will follow in the footsteps of the first issue of the INSIDE magazine.

Traveling plays an important part in our daily life. Whether we travel to work, home, friends, the supermarket or an unknown destination, it’s a moment of transition, of unexpected encounters and surprising events. Especially travelling to a new place can invoke what Lebbeus Woods describes as a “strategy of strangeness”, the experience of feeling fear about the unknown and at the same time having this tremendous sense of liberation.

At INSIDE we aim to foster this state of mind. We are tempted to think that we know places once we have seen an appealing presentation or photo. That’s until we really go there. Only be travelling somewhere you can see and feel the real spaces, smell the real odours, and meet the real people. And there is a lot to see and feel everywhere. In an ever-growing awareness of a world in which multiple and contradictory visions are present, we will challenge and see the world from inside-out.

During the day RAUMLABOR and Boris Sieverts will host workshops exclusive for 4th year BA and MA students of Interior Architecture and Spatial Design. In the evening they will report their findings, after which RAUMLABOR and Sieverts will talk about their practice and the head of INSIDE, Hans Venhuizen, will present the first issue of INSIDE magazine.

Speakers | Workshop hosts

Raumlabor |
Raumlaborberlin is a network, a collective of 8 trained architects who have come together in a collaborative work-structure. They work at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention. In their projects they adress city and urban renewal as a process. They are attracted to difficult urban location. Places torn between different systems, time periods or planning ideologies, that can not adapt. Places that are abandoned, left over or in transition that contains some relevance for the processes of urban transformations. An example is the transformation of metrostation Eichenbaum in Essen into a operahouse. The “Eichbaumoper” (2009), constructed from a neglected station became a theater in which there were no spectators, only actors and in addition to the artistic enjoyment of the spectacular moments of the newly formed Opera, a process of change was activated, which persists until today.

Boris Sieverts |
Boris Sieverts (b.1969) studied art at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and subsequently worked for a number of years as a shepherd in the French Massif Centrale, as well as at architecture bureaus in Cologne and Bonn. He has been guiding locals and tourists through the grey zones of sprawling conurbations since 1997 with his alternative urban travel service, Büro für Städtereisen. During these journeys he takes his groups to the unexplored, previously unnoticed or considered unimportant places on the inner and outer edges of our metropolitan and urban areas. Previous trips among others include three days in Paris, without the Eiffel tower, Country Outing with Airport in Leipzig (2008), on foot, by bike and in horse-drawn carriages. During this tour, he demonstrated how airports tear landscapes apart, interrupt roads, flaunt their public facades – yet allow their hidden sides to fall into disrepair and Hamburg – Reise in ein unbekanntes Land (2011).


Hans Venhuizen | www.bureauvenhuizen.EU 
Hans Venhuizen (b.1961) first studied Urban Planning at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, but switched to Architectural Design and Monumental Art at the School of the Arts Arnhem. In 1999 he set up Bureau Venhuizen, a project management and research bureau in the field of culture- based planning. In search of a more specific identity for cities and areas, Hans links the worlds of culture and space to each other in different ways. His focus is always on the culture of spatial planning itself, and the game is his most important instrument. He developed various games, including the debating game ‘The Making Of’ and ‘Life, the Game’. Recent projects include Koningsas, a research for cultural/spatial projects in the Groningen-Assen region, and K*eiland, a research and design project in an urban regeneration area in Utrecht.


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